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Color Aluminum Coil For Advertising Board

Width: commonly used 1100/3003

Aluminum thickness: 0.30 mm / 0.40 mm / 0.60 mm / 0.90 mm, according to customer requirements

Coating thickness: according to customer requirements

Volume weight: PE

Surface treatment: according to customer requirements

Product Description

Color Aluminum Coil For Advertising Board Introduction

Jinhu color coated aluminum coil (marking plate, advertising board special), because of its very stable performance, not easy to be corroded, is widely used in aluminum sign plate, aluminum nameplate, advertising board and other sign plates.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil Features

Rich color & decorative strong

Color aluminum coil for advertising board has realistic physical texture and fresh natural beauty. The pattern can be done at will, giving customers more personality choices and more beautiful enjoyment.

Strong weather resistance & stable color

The pattern of baking paint made by applying and baking at high temperature has high gloss, good color stability and minimal color difference change.

Advanced technology & high folding resistance

The selection of high-quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives, advanced composite technology, in the four seasons climate state, wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors change, will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and other problems.

Application of Colored Aluminum Coils on Advertising Boards

Colored aluminum coils are widely used in the manufacture of advertising boards, mainly in the following aspects:

Billboard panels: Colored aluminum coils can be used as the main panel material of advertising boards. They are bright in color and smooth in surface, which can effectively enhance the visual effect and attractiveness of advertisements.

Letter and pattern production: Aluminum coils are easy to cut into letters and patterns of various shapes. Combined with their rich color selection, they can produce diversified and personalized advertising content.

Outdoor signs: Colored aluminum coils are highly weather-resistant and suitable for long-term use in outdoor environments, such as commercial advertising boards, road signs, signboards, etc.

Indoor decoration: Aluminum coils can not only be used for outdoor advertising, but also for making indoor decorative panels, such as wall and ceiling decorations in shopping malls and exhibition venues, to enhance the beauty and quality of the space.

Color Aluminum Coil For Advertising Board

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