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FEVE Color Aluminum Coil For Doors and Windows

Series: AA1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5006, 5052, 8011, etc.

Thickness: 0.016-1.5mm

Width: <1600mm

Warrantly   :  Regular PE: 3-5 years ;

                         High Performance PE: 6-9 years; 

                         PVDF: 15 years ;

                         FEVE: Two coats: between 10-15 years ;

                         FEVE: Three coats: 15-20 years

Application: Doors and Windows

Product Description

What Is FEVE Color Aluminum Coil For Doors?

FEVE Color Aluminum Coil For Door is made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for the frame, elevator and fan material is called aluminum alloy door, referred to as aluminum door. Including aluminum alloy as a force rod (bear and transfer the weight and load of the rod) base material and wood, plastic composite doors, referred to as aluminum wood composite doors, aluminum-plastic composite doors.

How Many Type are FEVE Color Aluminum Coil For Doors?

1: According to the door opening method: push-pull aluminum alloy door, flat aluminum alloy door, folding aluminum alloy door.

2: According to the type of external door frame: general single outer frame aluminum door, single bread wall aluminum door, full frame wall sealing aluminum door.

3: According to the width of aluminum: 46 series, 50 series, 65 series, 70 series, 80 series, 85 series, 90 series, 93 series, 99 series and other aluminum alloy doors.

Application of Feve Color Aluminum Coil in Door and Window Manufacturing

Door and Window Frame Decoration

As the main decorative panel of door and window frames, FEVE color aluminum coil for doors and windows can provide highly personalized appearance design, enhance the overall aesthetics and market competitiveness of door and window products.

High-end residential doors and windows

In the door and window manufacturing of high-end residences, FEVE color-coated aluminum coils are often used in exterior wall window frames, balcony doors and glass curtain wall systems, etc., with its superior decorative effect and long-term weather resistance, to meet the owners' requirements for high-quality building appearance.

Commercial doors and windows

FEVE color aluminum coil for doors and windows is suitable for the manufacture of doors and windows of commercial buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, etc. FEVE color-coated aluminum coils not only provide visual appeal, but also can withstand the test of high traffic and complex climatic conditions.

Customized design

Customize special colors, special effects and pattern designs according to customer needs, such as imitation wood grain, metal texture, stone texture, etc., to inject personalization and uniqueness into the project.

FEVE Color Aluminum Coil For Doors and Windows

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