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Metallic color coated aluminum coil

Series: AA1100 1060 3003 3105 3004 and 8011, etc.

Thickness: 0.016-1.5mm

Width: <1600mm

Warrantly   :  Regular PE: 3-5 years ;

                         High Performance PE: 6-9 years; 

                         PVDF: 15 years ;

                         FEVE: Two coats: between 10-15 years ;

                         FEVE: Three coats: 15-20 years


Product Description

What is the characteristics of Metallic color coated aluminum coil?

Metallic color coated aluminum coil has become increasingly popular for its unique aesthetic appeal and functional properties. Here are four characteristics of metallic color coated aluminum coil:

First, it has excellent corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor environments. The coating on the aluminum surface provides a protective layer that prevents the metal from coming into contact with oxygen and water.

Secondly, it is highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions and aging. This means that it will maintain its vibrant color and glossy finish for many years to come.

Thirdly, it is lightweight and easy to install, making it a preferred material for a wide range of applications. Its flexible and versatile nature allows designers to create unique and innovative designs with ease.

Finally, metallic color coated aluminum coil offers a wide range of design options, including various colors and patterns. This allows builders and architects to create customized and stylish structures that stand out from the crowd.

Overall, metallic color coated aluminum coil is an excellent material choice for those seeking a durable, attractive, and versatile option for their construction needs.

The Specification of Metallic Color Coated Aluminum Coil

ItemTest ItemStandardNational standardTest Result
1Color DifferenceGB/T-17748-2016ΔE≤2.0ΔE≤1.0
2Gloss DifferenceGB/T-17748-2016≤10≤5
3Coating ThicknessGB/T-17748-2016Two layers Min 23μm≥25μm
Three layers Min 30μm≥34μm
4Pencil HardnessGB/T-17748-2016≥HBHB
6AdhesionGB/T-17748-2016Grade 0Grade 0
8Boiling water ResistanceGB/T-17748-20162h No change4h No change
9Solvent ResistanceGB/T-17748-2016200 times paints remaining500 times no break
10Acidity ResistanceGB/T-17748-20165%HCL 24hrs No changeNo change
11Alkali ResistanceGB/T-17748-20165%NaOH 24hrs No change color △E≤2.0No change
12Nitric acid ResistanceGB/T-17748-2016△E≤5.0△E≤5.0
13Oil ResistanceGB/T-17748-201620#oil 24hrs No changeNo change
14Salt Spray ResistanceGB/T-17748-20164000hrs ≤Grade 1No change
15Abrasion resistanceGB/T-17748-2016≥5L/μm≥5L/μm
16Dirt ResistanceGB/T-17748-2016≤5%<5%
17Color retainingGB/T-17748-20164000 hrs△E≤4.04000 hrs △E≤3.0
18Gloss weaken Level4000 hrs ≤ Grade 24000 hrs ≤ Grade 2
19Chalking4000 hrsNo change4000 hrs No change


Color aluminum coil mainly use in aluminum compsoite panel, roof tiles, embossing materials, walls, doors and Windows (shutter doors, blinds, curtain boxes), water drop systems, home appliance panels (refrigerator linings, instrument panels), advertising boards, printing boards, insulation boards, honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings.

Metallic color coated aluminum coil

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