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2024 Xinjiang Asia-Europe Building Materials Exhibition - Asia-Europe Architecture Expo CEBE

Jul. 08, 2024

2024 Xinjiang Asia-Europe Building Materials Exhibition - Asia-Europe Building Expo CEBE

Exhibition time: 2024-07-23 ~ 07-25 Opening time: 09:00:00-18:00:00

Exhibition Industry: Construction

Organizers: Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Building Materials Industry Chamber of Commerce, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

Holding cycle: 1 year 1 Exhibition area: 50020.00㎡ Number of exhibitors: 615

2024 Xinjiang Asia-Europe Building Materials Exhibition - Asia-Europe Architecture Expo CEBE

2024 Xinjiang Asia-Europe Building Materials Exhibition - Asia-Europe Architecture Expo CEBE

Asem Construction Expo (CEBE) is an international trade fair for the construction industry providing comprehensive green building solutions in western China. The key exhibition 

held in the core area of the national "Belt and Road". With strong industry strength and rich industry resources, the expo has become the largest building materials related products

 expo in Xinjiang and Central and West Asia.

Asia-europe Building Materials Exhibition (CEBE) will focus on the promotion of green building concepts, follow the pulse of the industry development through exhibitions, professional 

forums, new products and new technology release and other forms, and explore new development directions of the industry with an international strategic vision, leading the industry 

to a new height; We will actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the "green" construction industry. Adhering to the exhibition concept of "practicing green development, 

dressing up beautiful Xinjiang, and comprehensively providing green building overall solutions", the exhibition launched five themes: prefabricated building system, green building energy 

saving and new building materials, green doors and Windows curtain wall, building insulation and waterproof materials, hostel and ecological building. Make CEBE an ideal platform for

 building materials product channel expansion and brand promotion.

Asem Building Materials Exhibition - ASEM Building Materials Expo (CEBE) is an indispensable exchange and procurement platform for enterprises in Xinjiang's upstream and downstream

 construction industries, and has determined the brand status of "the first exhibition in Xinjiang's building materials industry".

In previous exhibitions, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Tianshan Building Materials, Xinjiang Metallurgical Construction, Baowu Group, Beixin Group, Zhuoda Group, Japan

 China, Lai Steel Group, Kuqa Jiejie, Achoneng, Xinjiang Zhongspecial, Dahe Zhongbang, Ruicheng Junhao, Huxi House, Dayuan Construction, Hunan Galaxy, Gansu Shunyin, Beijing 

Haoshi, Hebei Zhuoding Lanyang, Hengtong Saimu, Langfang Prezili, Zhejiang Jingda Zhejiang Jiangsaiteng, Greentown, Wilda, Guangzhou Set Tai, Tianjin Gu Noruo, Shenzhen Wilda,

 Tianjin Torch, Jianke Machinery, Gu 'an Street, Shaanxi Heli, Baodashan coating, Zhengliming, New Honghua, Xinjiang Jingpu, Hebei Yanzhao Blue Sky, Urumqi North Force energy saving, 

Shandong Qualcomm, Panjin window Lilai, Hebei Mingyang, Liaoning Dweike, Renqiu Hongan, Renqiu Wheat Field, Shanghai Liang Yuxi , Xinjiang Jiangying, Shanghai Soft Chuangyou, Xinjiang New Jieyu...... Representatives of various industries attended the exhibition hand in hand.

2024 Xinjiang Asia-Europe Building Materials Exhibition - Asia-Europe Building Expo - Exhibits range

Green building achievements Exhibition area: Mainly through pictures, sand tables, models and multimedia forms, the ecological design of green ecological urban areas and smart cities, 

real estate development enterprises, modern building construction enterprises, building construction technology, construction industry information, construction projects, expected goals and

 other content

Green prefabricated building exhibition area: Focus on displaying model houses built in modern architectural ways, and display various prefabricated building systems; Modern construction

 industry concrete prefabricated parts, components and fully prefabricated structural engineering products, heavy and light steel structures, grid membrane structures, etc.; Prefabricated

 building glue, door and window glue, sealant, etc. All kinds of environmentally friendly wooden buildings, wooden structure building supporting, housing systems, integrated houses, etc

Green building energy saving and new building materials exhibition area: new wall insulation materials, all kinds of architectural coatings, art coatings, interior and exterior coatings, health

 coatings, real stone paint, imitation stone paint green insulation building materials, green insulation building materials; New building decoration materials, new energy-saving environmental 

protection curtain wall materials; Insulation and decoration integrated system and its supporting products, building ceramic exterior wall composite insulation system, new building ceramic

 board and its supporting products; Dry mixing mortar and equipment; All kinds of insulation mortar, roof and three-dimensional green materials; Urban landscaping and construction systems

 and other new building materials

New doors and Windows curtain wall exhibition area: doors and Windows and curtain walls, building shading, structural adhesive series and hardware accessories series, architectural glass

 and photovoltaic series, gated curtain wall hardware, related supporting products, etc

Green building stone exhibition area: plate, stone products, imitation natural stone products, artificial stone and its products; Stone machinery and equipment and technology, all kinds of 

stone processing machines, all kinds of abrasives and accessories; Stone materials; Stone maintenance, maintenance products and technology, adhesive products and technology

Green building waterproof system solutions: all kinds of tile, metal roof, planting roof, roof and three-dimensional green materials, solar roof system, roof waterproof system, etc. Waterproof 

material, waterproof technology, polymer waterproof coil, sealing joint material, rigid waterproof and plugging material, etc

Sponge city and landscape: rainwater collection equipment and reuse, planting roof system, urban water security, smart water, road and bridge drainage system, building water supply and

 drainage equipment, planting roof system, permeable brick new pavement materials, etc., urban landscaping and construction, artificial ecological wetland, urban river and lake waters and 

waterfront control and comprehensive regulation

Building energy saving solutions: building equipment management system, lighting control system, new risk control system, intelligent shading, building energy saving products and 

solutions, smart home and related products



There is no residual stress on the surface and no deformation after shearing

Weather resistance

The paint pattern made by roller coating and high temperature baking has high gloss, good color stability and little color difference change


There is a fresh natural beauty, the pattern is casual and do, give customers a wide range of personality choices, can enrich the culture of the product, give people more beautiful enjoyment.

Environmental Protection

Resistant to salt, alkali and acid rain corrosion, will not corrode or produce toxic bacteria, does not release any toxic gases.


ACP after composite with plastic and adhesive. With the flexural and flexural strength required by the decorative plate, in the four seasons climate, the change of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation,expansion and so on.