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PVDF Color Aluminum Coil For Refrigerator Lining Plate

Width: commonly used 1100/3003

Aluminum thickness: 0.28mm/0.31,mm/0.32mm

Coating thickness: 1060 mm / 1120 mm / 1190 mm / 1240 mm / 1320 mm, according to customer requirements

Volume weight: PE

Surface treatment: usually highlighted white, according to customer requirements

Diameter: does not contain heavy metals, in line with food grade requirements

Product Description

Product details

Golden Lake color coated aluminum coil (appliance special), because of its very stable performance, not easy to be corroded, is widely used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and other household appliances.

The appliance board can not only meet the requirements of the use environment and service life of household appliances, but also has good molding processability, can meet the requirements of high-speed and

 precision processing equipment, and can be used in batches for the decoration of household appliances such as refrigerator side panel, rear backplane, washing machine box, water heater outer barrel and microwave

 oven shell. In addition to ordinary color products, pearlescent color, metal color products have become a popular trend of home appliance shell decoration.

Color coated aluminum coil features:

1, rich color, decorative strong

It has realistic physical texture and fresh natural beauty. The pattern can be customized at will, giving customers more personality choices and more beautiful enjoyment.

2, strong weather resistance, stable color

The pattern of baking paint made by applying and baking at high temperature has high gloss, good color stability and minimal color difference change.

3, advanced technology, high folding resistance

The selection of high-quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives, advanced composite technology, in the four seasons climate state, wind pressure, temperature, 

humidity and other factors change, will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and other problems.

The reason why the aluminum plate for the refrigerator is called the orange peel pattern roll, also has a great relationship with the pattern shape it presents. The surface pattern is rolled by the embossing machine, which is called the shape like orange peel, so it is 

called the orange peel embossing aluminum plate; Orange peel embossed aluminum plate can be divided into nearly classic orange peel pattern, variability pattern (worm pattern), currently more commonly used in air conditioning, refrigerators and outer packaging, 

no longer affecting the effect on the basis of greatly increasing its aesthetic degree.


PVDF Color Aluminum Coil For Refrigerator Lining Plate

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