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White color aluminum coil

Series: AA1100 1060 3003 3105 3004 and 8011, etc.

Thickness: 0.016-1.5mm

Width: <1600mm

Warrantly   :  Regular PE: 3-5 years ;

                         High Performance PE: 6-9 years; 

                         PVDF: 15 years ;

                         FEVE: Two coats: between 10-15 years ;

                         FEVE: Three coats: 15-20 years

Product Description

What is solid color aluminum coil?

solid color aluminum coil is a type of aluminium coil painted in a single color. It is widely used in various industries such as building materials, home appliances, and transportation due to its excellent durability and aesthetic appeal. The monochromatic design offers a clean and sleek look that is timeless and versatile. The aluminium coil's quality and durability makes it an ideal choice for long-term use, without the risk of cracking, flaking or peeling. The ease of installation and low maintenance make monochromatic aluminium coil a popular choice for home and business owners alike. Its attractiveness and durability make it a smart investment that adds value to any project. Our factory aslo produce PVDF color aluminum coil.

The type of solid color aluminum coil

Plain color: white, opal, ivory, mainly white, a little yellow head.

Dark colors: Grey, blue, violet (less), red, green

Regular silver: flash silver, white silver gray, silver gray

Color silver: golden, brown red, champagne gold, Champagne silver

JINHU - Solid Color Aluminum Coil Supplier

Coating Materials and Options

Polyester (PE) Coatings: Commonly used for standard solid colors, providing good UV resistance and color retention.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Coatings: Known for exceptional durability, UV resistance, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. PVDF coatings are often used in high-end architectural applications where long-term color retention is critical.

Customization and Color Matching:

Solid color aluminum coils offer extensive customization options. JINHU can produce coils in a wide range of solid colors, including standard RAL colors, metallic finishes, and custom colors to match specific project requirements or corporate branding.

Solid Color Aluminum Coil Advantages

Durability and Weather Resistance:

Solid color coatings are formulated to withstand outdoor exposure and harsh weather conditions. They provide excellent resistance to UV radiation, corrosion, humidity, and chemical exposure.

Design Flexibility:

Solid color aluminum coils enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings and structures with their smooth, uniform finish and vibrant color options. They offer architects and designers flexibility in achieving various design styles and effects.


Aluminum-plastic composite panel, thermal insulation composite metal panel, building metal curtain wall, exterior wall decoration, aluminum-magnesium manganese alloy roof, 8011 metal roof, 3003 metal roof, 3004 metal roof, corrugated aluminum alloy roof, box partition, activity room, toll booth, pipe insulation

White color aluminum coil

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