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Have The Ability to Make What Product

Have The Ability to Make What Product

Linyi Jinhu Color Aluminum Co. , Ltd. started production in 2003, from 2 production lines gradually increased to production 9 lines. We have been working hard for 20 years in this field. Our leader regards raw materials as the first life force of our products. We only cooperate with the top raw materials supply chain ,and sign the quality assurance agreement to share the quality responsibility, ensure the continuous quality of raw material supply.

Our factory more than 5 years of high-efficiency workers accounted for 90% ,high-precision equipment, beyond the strict quality requirements of industry standards,perfect quality control system. Our factory is one of the top scientific research institutions both inside and outside the United Nations. We have set up the leading innovation research and development laboratory in the industry, and bring together all fields of R & D talent, on product development. Our factory can also provide customers with laminating, Kaiping, slicing services.

Custom Products

Custom Products

We can produce: wire drawing, mirror, 3d, matte, nano, wood grain, stone grain, chameleon these appearance effects of color coated aluminum roll.

At present we routinely do aluminum alloy series is a series and three series. Three series of aluminum alloy our products are mainly used to produce roofing, insulation board, water and other products

Lacquer you can choose:PE PVDF PEVE HDFE

Thickness range:0.016-1.5mm

Color series:

white:milky white, ivory white;

dark color: Gray, blue, purple, red, green

silver:conventional silver (flash silver, silver, silver gray) color silver (gold, brown red, champagne gold, champagne silver)

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Hot Products



There is no residual stress on the surface and no deformation after shearing

Weather resistance

The paint pattern made by roller coating and high temperature baking has high gloss, good color stability and little color difference change


There is a fresh natural beauty, the pattern is casual and do, give customers a wide range of personality choices, can enrich the culture of the product, give people more beautiful enjoyment.

Environmental Protection

Resistant to salt, alkali and acid rain corrosion, will not corrode or produce toxic bacteria, does not release any toxic gases.


ACP after composite with plastic and adhesive. With the flexural and flexural strength required by the decorative plate, in the four seasons climate, the change of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation,expansion and so on.